NEXRAD Rainfall at any point!

Apologies to everyone - the website was hacked into about 2 weeks ago by some Russian hackers and caused a lot of mayhem - the site was taken offline by the host and I have been spending the last couple of weeks picking through thousands of files that had been infected with malware. Even after it got back up on line there were some lingering issues with automated jobs that update the rainfall data. Thanks for your patience while we have gotten it back up online. If you are having any problems with the tool or questions drop us a note - CONTACT US and we should be able to quickly help you through any problems or answer questions. Also - go to the CONTACT page if you want to leave us any FEEDBACK with suggestion or improvements we would enjoy hearing from you.

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Use the zoom and pan features of the map to find your location and click the point ON THE MAP.

Use the pull down menus to choose the range of rainfall dates.

NOTE: NEXRAD data runs from noon to noon GMT. So this means for example if you choose 7/1/2009 you will be looking at the rainfall that fell from 7am 6/30 to 7am 7/1 CDT.

NOTE: Due to some recent changes at NWS we are now downloading new data at 1:00pm Central Time - We usually have it downloaded, processed and up online here within a couple minutes after that. As NWS gets their new system working more efficiently we will be hopefully downloading earlier in the day.

When you are satisfied with your location and date hit the "Submit" button.

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