NEXRAD Rainfall at any point

Data for the current day is being loaded in about 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Use the zoom and pan features of the map to find your location and click the point.

Use the pull down menu to choose an individual date.

NOTE: NEXRAD data runs from noon to noon GMT. So this means for example if you choose 7/1/2009 you will be looking at the rainfall that fell from 7am 6/30 to 7am 7/1 CDT.

New rainfall data for the preceding 24 hrs is made available from NWS at 9:30 Central Time - We usually have it downloaded, processed and up online here within a couple minutes after that.

Set the range of how many miles you want to look at the NEXRAD rainfall for. TRY TO KEEP IT to 50 MILES or LESS -

When you are satisfied with your location and date hit the "Submit" button.

Range (in miles <50 or less>):